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Terms of Use

This website provides informative content on Noath Consulting business activies. The information is provided as-is, without guarantees nor commitments, and does not endorse the actitude or activity of any mentionned third-party companies.

The website also provides a contact form in order to allow businesses to establish an initial contact with Noath Consulting. The information provided by a website visitor should be of business nature only.

Noath Consulting answers contact requests through the contact form in a reasonable timeframe. However, Noath Consulting might not contact back for any reasons such as irrelevant requests or technical issues with the contact form.

Legal actions are taken against tentatives to abuse the contact form in order to generate a deny of service, sending unsollicited advertisement, or attempting to gain access to the server control.

Cookies Policy

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Privacy Policy

Noath Consulting values the privacy of its website visitors, prospects, suppliers and customers. We retain only the necessary information to conduct our business activities.

Noath Consulting website automatically collects personal and business information during the navigation on the website and when vistors enter information on the contact form.

Personal and business information provided through the contact form is handled solely for the purpose of answering to the requested contact by the website visitor. The information is transmitted and stored using reasonable protection measures such as SSL/TLS encryption to Noath Consulting. In the process of conveying the information, the use of third-party providers and software is used.

Noath Consulting stores electronic communications sent and received with its prospects, partners, suppliers and customers. The communication is retained for the time indicated by relevant laws, or for the time a mutual interest is in place. Serious care is taken to protect the confidentiality of such communications.

Some additional information such as IP addresses, and browser vendor and version is stored when visiting the website in the form of server logs for the sole purpose of investigating technical issues and fighting against computerized server attacks. Server logs are retained for a maximum of one month, on our dedicated hosting service by OVH in France. Accesses to the server logs is restricted to authorized website administrators.

This website uses Google Analytics in order to collect statistics on the website performance and analyse navigation trends. The information collected by Google Analytics is provided to Noath Consulting anonymised.

For requests regarding personal information, please contact: consulting @ noath . net